Centre for Community Knowledge Operating Policies

The Centre for Community Knowledge (CCK) is designed to connect local non-profits and charities with philanthropists and community members who want to make a different in their community. The purpose of the CCK is to successfully combine the power of effective, compelling storytelling, videos, and digital networking to help organizations tell their own unique stories. Through this contemporary online medium, organizations are able to create an emotional bond with community members, staff, volunteers, and potential donors. The CCK website, as an online platform, easily brings people together; anyone can search an organization and read about who they are, what they do, and how they impact their immediate community. 

In order for the CCK to operate properly, and be as effective as it can be, participating organizations should adhere to the following operational policies: 

  1. Participating organizations must ensure that all of their profile content is reviewed and updated (as needed) at least once per year. 
    1. Reminder emails regarding reviews and updates will be sent out by CCK staff to participating organizations on a quarterly basis in January, April, July, and October. 
  2. If no response is received from a participating organization within 18 months of them receiving their initial reminder email, their profile will be deemed as out of date and removed from the CCK website. 
  3. If an organization is enrolled in the Video and Storytelling Workshop series, they must submit all completed CCK profile materials within six weeks of finishing their last workshop session. 

If you or your organization has questions or concerns about updating your CCK profile online, or creating a new CCK profile, please contact Lizz DiCesare, CCK Content Manager, at

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