Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Centre for Community Knowledge (CCK)? 

The CCK website ( is both an online community and accessible platform. The CCK website is a digital network that highlights impactful stories and positive work being done by various organizations across Waterloo Region. It has a local focus, and organizes profiles in four different ways: alphabetically, by geographical area served, by population served, and according to Waterloo Region's Vital Signs® areas. Its purpose is to successfully combine the power of effective and compelling storytelling, videos, and digital networking to help organizations tell their own unique stories. Through this contemporary online medium, organizations are able to create an emotional bond with community members, staff, volunteers, and potential donors. The CCK website, as an online platform, easily brings people together; anyone can search for an organization and read about who they are, what they do, and how they impact their immediate community. 

Why does the CCK profile community organizations? 

Just as our Waterloo Region's Vital Signs® report consolidates data and research in 11 different issue areas, the CCK is a consolidation of some of the solutions to issues identified in the report. We want to showcase how vitally important it is to invest in the most innovative and effective solutions to some of our region's most pressing issues. The CCK helps our community tell good-news stories by creating a central place where the public, our partner organizations, donors, potential donors, and members of the media can visit to get a sense of some of the great work that's being done to build our region. 

How do I learn more about what's being done to address the issues I care about the most? 

You can search the organization profiles on the CCK website by the 11 issue areas that we report in our Waterloo Region's Vital Signs® report; together, they paint a comprehensive picture of the health of our region. The website also features a general search function to help you find organizations or programs that are working on the particular issue you care about most. 

What's happening in my region, city, and town? 

This site hosts information about community organizations that are working in the Region of Waterloo. For the purposes of this site, we have chosen to divide the Region of Waterloo into the three municipalities and four townships, along with including the City of Guelph and Wellington County. You are now able to search organizations specific to the location(s) important to you. 

I'm excited about the great programs I've been reading about on the CCK! How can I support one or more of the organizations that have been profiled? 

If you are a Fundholder at The KWCF, if you'd like to learn more about how you can make a lasting difference in your community through The KWCF, or if you are a member of the public interested in making a charitable donation to The KWCF, please contact Bryn Ossington at

If you are an individual who would like to make a direct donation to the organizations you see profiled on the website, if you want to know more about how you can get involved with them, or if you have further questions about the work of the organizations profiled (and are not a Fundholder at The KWCF), please contact the organization directly. Contact information for each organization is provided at the top right-hand corner of each profile page. 

If you are interested in learning more about the CCK, please contact Lizz DiCesare at

Does having a profile on the CCK guarantee that a community organization will receive grants or donations? 

We created the CCK in order to provide free and open access to all our donors, members of the media, and the general public who can help support our community assets. Our hope is that philanthropists will use this site as a tool for their community investments. 

How do I get my community organization featured on the CCK?

The CCK is a community-based initiative that relies on content from community organizations, and is open to charitable and non-profit organizations working in Waterloo Region. If you would like to create a profile on the CCK website please contact Lizz DiCesare at

I'm from a community organization and we have new information about our programs to share. How can I update my community organization's CCK profile? 

The more current the information you keep on the site, the better! To update a profile please request, complete and submit an updated CCK profile template. CCK profile templates can be obtained from, and submitted to, Lizz DiCesare at

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